Distribution of lubrication systems

We are a distributor of SKF (formerly Vogel) lubrication systems, which are widely used in many industries.

We offer our clients a full range of products and services in the field of central lubrication systems. We deal with consulting, design, sale, assembly, diagnostics and service of devices. We also provide solutions for non-standard lubrication systems.

The devices and systems we offer allow for the implementation of systems covering from one to several hundred lubrication points. The lubricants dosed by the systems can be oils and greases.

Among lubrication devices and systems, the most popular are:

Single-point lubricators intended for automatic lubrication of single lubrication points. They are produced in a version with a pneumatic drive - LAGD or with an electric drive - TLSD and supplied with various types of lubricants selected according to the application.

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Lubrication systems for self-assembly by the user are delivered in sets including TLMP pump and all necessary components. These systems can supply grease to more than one lubrication point. Depending on the version, they operate from 1 to 8 or 18 lubrication points.

The SKF MonoFlex single-line lubrication systems are designed for the lubrication of relatively compact machines and equipment with low lubricant requirements. They can be used for both small and large number of points to which the lubricant should be supplied. These types of systems are mainly used for periodic lubrication of machine tools, machines in the textile, food, wood, printing and automotive industries.

Progressive lubrication systems are designed to supply oils and greases to devices with several to over hundreds of lubrication points with low or medium demand for lubricant. Such systems may operate periodically or continuously. In progressive systems, the pump supplies lubricant from the reservoir to the supply line of the first row manifold, which distributes it to the second (and subsequent) row manifolds, and from their outputs directly to the lubrication points. The progressive distributor is a piston distributor in which all sections deliver specific doses of lubricant one after another. This operation allows the lubrication of all points to be monitored, as blocking any lubrication lines causes the manifold to stop. The amount of lubricant dispensed is regulated by appropriate adjustment of the pause time between successive pumping cycles until the time of pumping this agent.

The spray lubrication system is intended for the lubrication of open lubrication points such as: open gears, chain gears, drive tracks, guides, ropes. Systems of this type are designed to deliver a precisely defined dose of the lubricant directly to the highly loaded working surface of the element using compressed air. The amount of lubricant dispensed is controlled by appropriate adjustment of the pause time between successive sprays until the lubricant is sprayed.

Circulating lubrication systems are most often intended for the lubrication of lubrication points that require simultaneous intensive cooling and removal of contamination. Oil is usually used as a lubricant in these systems.

Pulse lubrication systems are designed to deliver a small amount of lubricant at a specific time and place. The pumps produced allow for simultaneous lubrication of up to 6 lubrication points. Pulse systems are most often used for the lubrication of chains with slow-speed drives, transport rollers, guides and raceways. In impulse systems, piston pumps with an electromagnetic piston drive are used. As the piston moves, it supplies precisely defined doses of the lubricant to the lubricating nozzles or brushes located at the lubricating points.

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