Production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

We manufacture standard and non-standard hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. We design and manufacture them based on arrangements with the client or according to the documentation provided. Our actuators have been used in: mining, metallurgy, production lines, hydraulic presses as well as road machines.

We make:

  • hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders:
    • double acting with a single piston rod,
    • double-acting with double piston rod,
  • telescopic hydraulic cylinders,
  • plunger hydraulic cylinders,
  • hydraulic cylinders with integrated measuring systems:
    • linear displacement transducers (rulers),
    • end position sensors,
  • Ends for cylinders .

Additionally, we offer overhauls, repairs, regenerations and modernizations of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. After the works are completed, each actuator is subject to detailed quality control and pressure tests.

siłownik biały
  • Siłowniki hydrauliczne i pneumatyczne


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