Distribution of technical seals

We are a distributor of technical seals. Seals are an indispensable element in every device - they ensure safe operation of machines and proper working conditions. We offer typical and atypical sealants.

Seal standard

We distribute technical seals, rubber and metal products as well as adhesives used in power hydraulics and pneumatics.

Our offer includes:

  • technical seals: O-rings, simmerings, scraper and compact rings,
  • rubber products: rubber sealing plates,
  • metal products: steel clamps,
  • Loctite: adhesives, threadlockers, cleaners, degreasing and maintenance agents.

Custom seals

We are an authorized distributor and technical consulting unit in the field of SKF technical seals. Many years of experience and knowledge in the production of seals using the SEAL-JET method have allowed us to become experts in this field. SEAL-JET is a technology for producing seals by machining on numerically controlled machines.

Correct selection of material and precise measurement allows us to produce non-standard seals that meet individual customer requirements.

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