Sample projects of drives and control

Below, we present selected descriptions of our hydraulic power units. Our portfolio includes projects such as: implementation of a technological table for unloading fruit from scratch, as well as the implementation of a technological line control system.


Execution of the drive system for the technological table for unloading fruit

  • Client problem:
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  • Selected technical data:

The order was to create a drive and control system for a fruit unloading device using the so-called
"Dry" for various sizes and weights of vehicles and the transport of fruit for further processing. The
acceptable time for unloading and transporting the fruit was 30 minutes.

We have designed and made a complete drive and control system for an electro-hydraulic fruit
unloading device connected with fruit and waste conveyors. Unloading took place as a result of
tilting the vehicle and pouring the fruit into the discharge hopper. The process was controlled and
controlled from the control room. The maximum time for unloading and transporting the fruit was
20 minutes.

Carrying capacity – 50 tons

Device dimensions:

  • length of the ramp – 15,5 m
  • basket cover length – 5,2 m
  • width – 3,5 m

The maximum angle of inclination of the ramp – 25º

The maximum inclination angle of the hopper cover – 65º

Modernization of the technological line

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  • Selected technical data:

Our task was to modernize the control system of the device for horizontal transport and precise positioning of bars coming out of the industrial furnace at different heights, and then precisely placing them in the catching element of the next device of the technological line.

We have designed and made a complete electrohydraulic control system of the device, integrated with the technological line, with the operator's system serving, among others, for precise setting of the positioning height of bars depending on their diameters.

Device dimensions:

  • length – 8 m
  • width – 2 m

Bar dimensions:

  • length – 6 m
  • diameter min – 10 mm

max diameter – 50 mm


Development and execution of a hydraulic drive of the process flap

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  • Selected technical data:

The client commissioned us to develop and execute it hydraulic drive of the process flap working in the line of belt conveyors. The task of the drive is precise dosing material on the conveyor No. 1 equipped in weight. Excess material supplied redirected to the belt conveyor No. 2. The important feature is automatic redirection of the entire amount fed material on the conveyor 2 in an emergency e.g. as a result of a power failure in the power supply hydraulic.

We have designed and manufactured a hydraulic system and a special cylinder with an accurate analog measurement of extension.


Hydraulic system:

Oil tank: 50 dm3.

Motor: 3kW.

Hydraulic pump: gear: 12 dm3 / min.

Hydraulic accumulator: 3 dm3.

Battery boost system with programmable oil pressure sensor.

Maximum working pressure: 16 MPa.

Hydraulic power pack placed in a steel protective cabinet.

Nearby control valve block

hydraulic cylinder.

The system of valves forces the hydraulic actuator to be moved to the extreme position as a result when the control voltage fails

for this, all material is redirected

on the conveyor no.2.

Hydraulic cylinder:

Piston diameter: 60 mm

Piston rod diameter: 36 mm

Piston stroke: 350 mm

Nominal pressure: 24 MPa

Maximum piston speed: 2 m / s

Linear analog actuator extension sensor.


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